Financial Literacy Incentivized

How it Works

DebtGo is an app-based platform where you can:


Money in our Daily Contest


Tickets for Completing Videos


From short form video content

Contests are 24 hours long & run from 9:01pm to 9:00pm EST every day

Common Questions

All you need to do is earn 1 ticket! A ticket can be earned by watching a video, answering a post video question, answering a test question correctly or by inviting a friend to join DebtGo. Once you earn a ticket, you are automatically entered into our contest for that day.

Winners are paid either through PayPal or Venmo, so make sure you have your DebtGo profile completed to ensure a quick payout!

Winners are picked at random, but like any lottery, the more tickets you have, the greater your chances of winning. However, having the most tickets does not guarantee that you will win.

A private contest is an exclusive contest that you need a password to enter. Check our social media accounts to get the passwords to contests available to you!

DebtGo is on a mission to increase financial literacy. Our education systems don’t really teach the language of money and we want to be the change for this generation. We set out to do this by providing a strong incentive to our community, the ability to win money! Wining the prize is great, but the real value is the education you’ll get every single day on the app!