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Financial Literacy Incentivized

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Our Mission is Simple

“We want to transform the way people learn the language of money, while reimagining the way they pay off debt”

To do this we want to create the best-incentivized learning platform that makes understanding financial literacy an engaging and rewarding process. In doing so we will drive better long-term financial habits, strategies & outcomes for consumers with limited personal financial acumen.
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Our Story

Like so many other college graduates, student loans were making my life miserable! A huge chunk of my pay check was going directly to pay them off and I felt trapped. I couldn’t leave a job I was unhappy with and I was unable to live the lifestyle I wanted because I was struggling financially.

How Could This have happened?


of Americans consider themselves as financially literate


of Americans live from pay check to pay check


States don't teach financial literacy in K-12

Lack of financial literacy cost Americans over $400B in 2020 alone.

We created DebtGo to help anyone who has a desire to learn about personal finance and who wants to develop long-lasting positive financial habits.

DebtGo Is Fun & Easy to use

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How it Works


Every day we curate a list of videos for you to watch. These videos cover financial literacy topics like budgeting, debt, savings, investing, cryptocurrency and more! We keep it short and to the point; each video lasts no more than 30 second.


Every time you complete a video you receive one or more tickets. Each ticket you earn give you another change to win our daily lottery. The more you learn, the more tickets you earn.


Every day at 9:00PM EST, someone wins cash! While the winner is picked at random, every ticket you earn increases your chances to win.

Prizes are sent through PayPal or Venmo

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The Real Win

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Winning money on our Platform is great, but the real win is the 

Personal finance education you will get!

Download DebtGo today & get started on your financial freedom journey

Can’t wait to use DebtGo & pay down your debt?

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* Requires iOS 7.0 or higher