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Financial Literacy Incentivized

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Student Debt
Student Debt

$1.7 Trillion shared by 44.7 million Americans, average debt of $32,731 per borrower

Credit Card Bills
Credit Card Bills

$1.1 Trillion shared by 132 million Americans, average debt of $5,700 per borrower

Car loans
Car loans

$1.2 Trillion shared by 110 million Americans, average debt of $21,570 per borrower

DebtGo is making financial literacy fun by teaching you the language of money in a unique way.

DebtGo incentivizes you to:

  • Learn: from short form video content
  • Earn: tickets for completing videos
  • Win: money in our daily lottery
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DebtGo brings the financial literacy to you

We provide you with curated daily content

Financial Literacy Simplified

Our users love the DebtGo App

DebtGo users know that our mission is to help them get out of debt. Find out what keeps them coming back every day.

DebtGo gives users the opportunity to win money for learning

DebtGo users can earn tickets for watching videos & answering questions

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Financial Literacy is not Taught in our Education Systems

Lack of financial education is a leading cause of consumer debt, some 80% are in some form of non-mortgage debt.

Lack of Motivation
Lack of Motivation

keeps people from taking steps to help themselves escape debt

Our Solution
Our Solution

rewards users for learning every day with money

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about DebtGo? We are happy to help answer them. Check below to see if others have asked the same questions before.

How are the winners picked?

The DebtGo’s algorithm selects winners randomly. The more videos you watch the better your chances are to win.

If I win, how will I be paid?

Winners are typically paid out within one business day. We work with you to make a direct payment to your debt. Funds can be received through one of many existing payment apps or through check by mail (fees may apply).

Do I need to pay taxes if I win?

Yes. In the United States, you must pay taxes on all the prizes you win, no matter what their value is.

Where does the contest money come from?

DebtGo uses the money from our partners to help pay down your debt. Our partners are happy to give back to local communities.

How many times can I win?

There is no limit to winning. The more you play, the better your chances to win are. Every contest is different, and winners are selected randomly. Your chances to win are up to you.

Do I have to use the money for debt?

Yes. Our terms and conditions state that all monetary winnings must be paid towards debt.

What types of debt are eligible?

While we are focused on paying student loans, medical bills, credit card bills, car loans and even mortgages are eligible.

What if I win, but have no debt?

You can use your winnings to pay off someone else’s debt as a gift. Contact us and we can help you work it out.

Can DebtGo hold my money for me?

If you win and currently do not have debt or want DebtGo to wait to pay you for whatever reason, we can accommodate. We will hold the money for you until a time that the funds are requested for up to 12 months from the date of winning.

How can I increase my chances to win?

You can increase your chance of winning by viewing more videos. Each view is another chance that you will be picked as a winner

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